5 Ways How Smart People Fail At Job Interview

1) Don’t bad mouth ex-employers

If you are in front of your potential new employer, don’t speak negatively of your previous experience.
Even if your last experience was horrific or simply not what you expected, you have probably develop skills and behaviours.
Keep in mind to always use a bad working experience as a positive takeaway for your skillset.

2) Don’t be too neutral

During an interview, giving your point of view on your industry would be benefic for two reasons:

  •  show your interest in your industry.
  •  but always be aware of the way the company work.

It shows to the recruiter that you’re interest in your industry and that you can bring value

3) It’s not all about you

An interview is not only a time to sell yourself. Obviously, you want to show your competences and your value to the recruiter.
However, you should also ask questions on your future company.

4) Don’t just focus on perks

This is good if you know how to achieve your goal! However, it is not enough.
You also have to show how you can integrate the team, and go further with them.

5) Don’t lie or stretch the truth

Lying or stretch the truth is a Damocles Sword. Never over-sell yourself to get a job. You’ll be otherwise confront to your own difficulties in the future.
This is even better to tell less and to deliver more.