EURODOG Presents – DevOps gebotteld



Thursday Mar 14, 2019


Thursday Mar 14, 2019



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Please join the very first European DevOps Group (EURODOG) event in Amsterdam!

EURODOG Presents – DevOps gebotteld

Guest Speaker: Viktor Farcic, Developer Advocate for JenkinsX

Talk: "Running Serverless Continuous Delivery"

Open discussionNetworking with your local peersBeer, soft drinks, foodFree, courtesy of our sponsors!

(Parling will be paid for - Take a ticket at the gate and we will provide you with a voucher inside)

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About the talk:

Running applications for continuous delivery is a massive waste of resources. We spend gigabytes of RAM for running Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, or whichever tool we're using. And yet, those tools are often sitting idle inside our cluster, waiting to eventually receive a webhook notifying them that something should be done. As a result, resources are wasted when those tools are idle, and they are slow when under heavy load. If we add agents to the mix, we can quickly end up with hundreds of unused servers, and yet not have enough.

What if we could run our tools only when we need them? What if we could scale them to any number of replicas to accommodate the increase in the number of builds, and scale them down to zero when there are no new commits? What if we can do all that with a single command? The answer to those and quite a few other questions is to go serverless with continuous delivery tools. Jenkins X happens to do just that. It is a cloud-native Kubernetes-first solution that embraced a serverless model for managing our pipelines