International Day Of Happiness: Interview with Andrea and Victoria

We at Digital Source are happy to be partners in the worldwide movement to spread happiness to all. UN resolution 66/281 establishes the International Day of Happiness on March 20th every year, recognizing the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental human right and goal, and universal aspiration in the lives of all human beings.

We want to interview two of our main happiness creators at the office: Victoria (Head of People & Operations) and Andrea (Junior People Operations & Office Manager). Every day, their work and actions contribute to a better work environment.

We wanted to know more about their point of view about spreading happiness in the workplace.


1 - The International Day of Happiness originated in the UN. What do you think about the International Day of Happiness?

Andrea: Well, this is great because we need more happiness in the world! I find it great that the UN has created a day where you can celebrate and gain knowledge of happiness.

Vicky: Well, I don’t know a huge amount on it, but I’ve heard of it for the last couple of years. It helps to get a sort of presence on a global scale and a lot of companies can drive it. Happiness is something very personal but we can help a lot to help people to get there by themselves.


2 - In what way do you think people can improve happiness and how it can have an impact on teams?

Andrea: One way to improve happiness is inner happiness. If you are happy in your inner self, it gives you more energy and a positive vision of life! It is important to stay positive all the time. Being positive doesn’t mean unrealistic, but that you can still counteract your problems.

It is also contributing a lot to the team spirit and creates openness.

Vicky: The first thing is to understand what makes you happy. It can be stressful and very busy in the workplace and you don’t have fun all the time. Doing stuff you like outside work is also important to make you happy. We spend so much time at work that if we are at home, not doing something we like outside, it can run us crazy.

Happiness is something difficult to mask. If you are very unhappy about what you’re doing. It can have a big flow-on effect at work and with your colleagues. So you have to check what you do on a daily basis and realize what needs to be changed.


3 - How does a positive attitude help us feel better and tolerate adverse experiences?

Andrea: A positive attitude can make us feel better in a lot of ways. If you have a positive outlook on a problem, you can tackle the problem. Then, it is going to be easier because you will feel less stressed.

Positivity is a state of mind to put in place. If you work with deadlines, it will be much easier for you to deal with positivity. If you have a good outlook on it, it is going to be ok. Things to say to yourself like “It is going to be ok”  and “I can do it” are important.

Vicky: I try myself to see the glass half full at my own struggles. It is very easy to see the negative in a day and much harder to see the positive. Sometimes, you need to take a step back. Some people will write a mindfulness journal. Every morning they wake up, they write some stuff in their journal. This type of simple thing can help you improve in the long-term.


4 - In very busy workplaces, it can be stressful sometimes. Can we find a peace of mind?

Andrea: It is possible but it depends on you. Basically, it also depends on the ones around you. But, if you bring positive energy, you can transfer it to other people. It will make your environment better.

Vicky: When things get busy, if you can’t stay in control, that’s when the chaos happens. Then, it is important to be on top of what you’re doing. One thing that I do when I’m stressed is doing 4 or 5 things at the same time. It is not good because you realize you’re not doing anything very well. The first thing we can do is to structure the day and be very strict about it. Also, putting a little bit of urgency around it helps to stay in control and to not be dealing with chaos.


5 - In your experience, do you think some actions can increase happiness in the work environment?

Andrea: Yes. Actually, a lot of actions can increase happiness at work. Simple things like saying good morning with a big smile. Encourage and congratulate people when they do a good job. You can say it in a simple way but it is important, to be honest.

Vicky: For sure. The thing with the work environment is that each person is contributing. No matter who you are, or what you’re doing. Saying “hello” and “goodbye” are two simple but important things. If you squeeze these simple things, it can have a big negative impact on the team. We spend 8 - 9 - 10 hours a day with the same people at the office. In today's work, everything is merged. We have everything connected: work, weekend, social life etc…

It is important to look after yourself. Make sure you take time for the things you like. If you do that, you can look after yourself and you will feel better in your work environment as well.


6 - When you feel tired, have you got a special trick you do to boost your happiness?

Andrea: I don’t drink coffee so I can’t relate ahah... Jokes aside, I just like to stand up and walk around for a breath or listen to some music. A short break when you’re super tired is super useful!

Vicky: Yoga is my absolute go-to. That’s my trick!