Interview: Pascal Hennequin - Recruitment Consultant at Digital Source

We have interviewed Pascal Hennequin, new recruitment consultant at Digital Source.

Pascal has an entrepreneurial background and is very motivated to start working here.

What is your role and how did you get there?

I am a Consultant Recruiter in the data science field in the Netherlands.
One of my friends (Toby) met Jordan in the restaurant I had with Toby. He called Jordan for a role at Payments & Cards Network. From there, I applied for a job and I came to Digital Source.

What company values are matching with you?

Openness and transparency.
The whole atmosphere is very open and the hierarchy is flat. Our managers are very close to the staff, it's very personal. It is also professional. That is something we don't see in most companies.
The team spirit is very important for me. Here, everyone is happy with each other and care about each other.

What is the key thing to be successful?

Motivation and Drive.

Whenever I start something, I put 100% of myself in there. It needs a certain time of adaptation, but with drive, you have the most important things to be successful.

I like to be successful and put things aside. Prioritize most important things first.
Try to be earlier, finish my daily tasks before I leave. Sleep early.
It is a long-term vision, building blocks. It's not on one day that you create something, but in the long run to maintain your career.
You also have got to put 100% of yourself out there to be successful.

What is the best advice you would give to someone starting in Recruitment?

There are a couple.

  • Be yourself.
  • Don’t copy anyone else.
  • Absorb as much advice as you can. The people here are very experienced so take it to your advantage. Put some motivation in there.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

I like spending time with my girlfriend, I love cooking, enjoying wine, and enjoying life.

Are you searching for a new opportunity in Data Science or Engineering in the Netherlands?

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