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Marleen Schoemaker - Consultant Recruitment specialised in Product People

We work in highly competitive, fast moving markets where it is essential to maintain and extend market share through profitable branded growth. It also has an ambitious growth plan for emerging markets where offering the right value proposition is critical.

Innovation through product development, continuous value improvement and consumer perceived Quality superiority v competition are critical and key to delivering the business targets. 

The PDT role is both proactive, taking opportunities to develop concepts to fit with brand strategies and reactive to technical briefs from the marketing teams.

Key accountabilities and deliverables

  • Manage and be responsible for all technical aspects of a design project.
  • Develop product options to meet a marketing brief (meeting time, prime cost and quality criteria).
  • Plan, execute and review product development trials. These can be at any scale, from bench work to full scale factory trials.
  • Closely collaborates with process engineering, CoE, H&N and packaging teams to create and deliver appropriate solutions to defined technical hurdles.
  • Present samples to marketing and translate feedback into recipe and/or process developments.
  • Plan tasks that have been delegated to direct or indirect reports.
  • Ensure that all work is carried out in a safe and hygienic manner, following factory or bakery GMPs.
  • Producing draft product costs for comparative purposes.
  • Estimate costs of development work and track product development trials budgets against target, reviewing with line manager as appropriate.
  • Support project manager and/or LPDM in effective scheduling of project tasks and identification of resource requirements (time, money, people).
  • Support project manager and/or LPDM in the development of a project risk assessment, including promoting and contingency plans.
  • Raise any technical or project related issues that might affect quality, cost or time of delivery with LPDM.
  • Keep comprehensive records of all work carried out and report results as appropriate, following the standards and procedures of the design team.
  • Brief and liaise with suppliers in line with SMT strategies.
  • Complete and review Technical checklists and follow trial protocol within the NPD process and plan appropriate interactions with key functions and stakeholders.
  • Complete product and ingredient specifications as appropriate.
  • Contribute to idea generation sessions and proactively generate branded product concepts in line with innovation strategies.
  • Work with colleagues to ensure that product development facilities are maintained to a safe and hygienic standard and operate using lean principles.
  • Ensure that personal development plans are created, kept current and actioned as appropriate

Sole decision making authority

  • Agreeing and communicating trial objectives and plans.
  • Appropriate decisions to maintain a safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Recommend use of ingredients, formulations and process conditions based on trial work.
  • Prioritise own work and that of reports within project constraints.
  • Organise and plan external and internal resources for trial work.
  • Schedule interactions with key functions to allow for completion of Technical checklists within project constraints.

Essential Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • Some experience of key manufacturing processes (snack, cake or biscuit), including process constraints is essential, as is a good current working knowledge of ingredients, creative recipe development and bench scale techniques.
  • A proven record of trial planning, execution and review is essential.
  • Experience of how to delegate tasks to technicians, direct or indirect reports such that they are clear on the task, timings and quality standards required.
  • Proven  ability to prioritise competing workloads, and know when to ask for help in a timely manner.
  • Experience of product development in the ambient snack industry.
  • Creative approaches to problem solving.
  • Influencing.
  • Communication (e-mail, telephone and one to one).
  • Presentation skills .
  • Food presentation skills.
  • Effective decision making.
  • Basic understanding of health & safety requirements.
  • Basic understanding of food legislation.
  • Basic understanding of prime costs.
  • Food safety.
  • IT skills (use of MS Office, google docs).


  • Knowledge of our global brands, business, key competitors and key markets.
  • Lean principles.
  • Project management experience, including a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of project team members.

Key Elements of our Culture

Our winning traits and behaviours

  • PURPOSE-LED - Energized by our promise to deliver happiness to the world with every bite
  • AGILE - Ever evolving, never satisfied and never standing still, quick to adapt to change, fast learner and persistent in the face of setbacks
  • COLLABORATIVE - Willing to work with others for mutual success, transparent, a win-win seeker
  • POSITIVE - Self-motivated, optimistic, courageous, and inspiring

Goal 21 is the roadmap for success for our family of companies. It defines the way things are done, and gives us the powerful tools and motivation we need to win, defines what it will take for us to achieve our Central Idea (“to promise happiness to the world with every bite”) and unifies our journey.

The product of our combined experiences, G0AL21 is an acronym that looks forward to 2021 and describes four powerful enablers that will differentiate us in the market, helping us to achieve commercial success in our markets and inspiring us to win:

  • GOYA - Actively engaging with the wider world, not being trapped in the narrow world of our normal experience
  • 0 Defect – Continually raising our standards, not fearing failure if failing leads to being better
  • Alignment – Working together towards a common goal while respecting diversity, it is fair decision making not consensus or compliance
  • Leader - Aspiring to be the leader in a selected category, geography or market
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Marleen Schoemaker - Consultant Recruitment specialised in Product People