4 Tips to Maximize Your Linkedin Profile for Recruiters



4 Tips to Maximize Your Linkedin Profile for Recruiters



Want to optimize your Linkedin page when recruiters check your profile?
Wondering how to avoid errors that can make you lost an opportunity?

With 11 million jobs in its active job listing, Linkedin is a great tool for candidates to contact head recruiters and find a job.

However, if it becomes easier for candidates to apply directly for a dream job from home, head recruiters will also actively use Linkedin for their recruitment process. 
In 2017, 87% of recruiters use Linkedin to check candidate profile.

In this article, you will see what candidates must do to make a good first impression to head recruiters.



#1: Update your CV with your Linkedin References.


Your Linkedin profile is one presentation of your professional skill set.
Your CV is the second one and a recruiter will probably check them all.
That’s why you want to be sure that your Linkedin Profile reflects the same experiences than your CV.

However, if you want to attract the eye of the recruiter, you could add a top up to your Linkedin references that will distinguish you and make it more personalized.

You can complete your profile basics in a way to put your personal touch that will sound more authentic for a recruiter.


Linkedin account Online Jobs


  • Description going through the details (including such precise stats and tasks)

  • Great presentation of the company


Linkedin account Online jobs

  • Here again, we like how the experience is presented




#2: Show your engagement and repost articles


Show your interest to head recruiters on Linkedin - Post, repost, like and comment Linkedin content.
Recruiters usually pay attention to these details.

Being active on Linkedin and showing interest in specific subjects  give you a clear advantage regarding to recruiters: know a little bit more on your professional point of view.

If an article interest you - post it! 

Don’t hesitate to post articles on Linkedin groups.


If these steps are made in a kind of friendly-professional and personal approach, it will probably be appreciated by recruiters.

Articles activity Linkedin Profile

  • Here is the Linkedin section of your profile where recruiters will certainly make a tour - make sure that it is well furnished!


Tips: Make sure to follow/like/engage with your targeted company. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd!



#3: Use the best keywords to complete your Linkedin profile


Keywords are certainly the last crucial part you want to be rocking in!

First of all, it will present you in the clearer manner but not only.
The more keywords you use and the more chances you have got to be found and seen by recruiters.

Recruiters use keywords to search candidates. That is what we call the boolean search.

To make sure to be in the results, choose keywords which perfectly fit with your experience and put them into your: Description, Skills, Experience, Specific Skills.


For example: a data scientist has better chances to be found if he put data skills keywords:


Linkedin Education Profile Data Scientist



All these skills will be useful to appear if a recruiter use the to the boolean search on Linkedin




#4: Ask for recommendations - credibility value


Recommendations add a huge value to your Linkedin profile. You can request recommendations easily:


Recommendations Linkedin Profile Recruiter

  • Click the Ask to be Recommended link

  • Send out your request to your colleagues

These requests are simple but extremely useful when recruiters go onto your profile. It shows credibility for your Linkedin visitors!


Bonus point: Take care of your profile picture


Profile picture on Linkedin makes a visual impression of your professional image. It isn’t a place to run casual photos. Be sure to have a professional photo.


  • Use a quality photo at least 200 x 200 pixels

  • Put on your URL and Headline




Whether you started to use Linkedin or you are already in a company, making all these steps will provide you the best chances to be good looking on the social media platform.



To summarize the good uses on your Linkedin profile, you should focus on these points:

  • #1: Update your CV with your Linkedin references

  • #2: Show your engagement and repost articles

  • #3: Use the best keywords to complete your Linkedin profile

  • #4: Ask for Linkedin recommendations

  • Bonus point: Take care of your profile picture




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